Happy National Maritime Day

In honor of this day it is important to highlight the major role that the American Domestic shipping industry plays on the Pacific Northwest economy. Long Beach is the hub of one of the 2nd busiest ports in the nation with, The Port of Long Beach. Have you ever thought about, “Where do my shoes comes from?” or “How did all of this produce from across the world, arrive here at my local grocery store?” Well, the shipping industry most likely made that happen.

According to Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC), a leading consultant company for the Transportation Institute, reported that $2 billion in economic activity is driven by U.S. Domestic shipping and another $6 billion in Washington state. The study shows that 38,000 people are employed by the domestic shipping industry which generated over $2.5 billion in workers income. Overall, it aids in producing over $10 billion in economic activity across the Pacific Northwest.

“The new economic data is positive proof that U.S.-built vessels crewed by American mariners provide our communities and our country substantial benefits from jobs and investments,” said Tom Crowley, chairman and CEO of Crowley Maritime Corporation.

Based on the data, the shipping industry plays a major role in the American economy. It is as simple as exporting our recycles to Indonesia or importing avocados from Mexico. Next time you go shopping or at the grocery store, look at the labels and what country the product came from. It most likely, was brought to the U.S. in a container carried by a marine vessel and into your hands.

By Alejandra Salgado