Long Beach City Council Passes $234 million Long Beach Recovery Act

On Tuesday, March 16th, Long Beach city officials are adopting the $234 million Long Beach Recovery Act to help fund the needs of public health, fiscal and economic downfalls that may have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.  

An additional $27 million is being included to the original $207 million proposal of the Long Beach Recovery Act to help rebuild and promote the local economy due the adverse effects of COVID-19.

“The additional funding from our federal partners makes this plan even stronger, and I look forward to getting to work and helping our residents and business owners.“ said Mayor Robert Garcia. 

The plan’s additional funding being added on is provided by the American Rescue Act to allocate toward the Long Beach Airport and programs for businesses and residents. The Long Beach Airport should receive $15 million in funding and additional city programs supporting its locals should receive $12.35 million.

“The City is committed to an equitable, sustainable recovery,” said City Manager, Tom Modica. “I am proud to see the incredible work by our City staff to listen to the community, engage our business sectors, and address Mayor and Council priorities. 

The Proposed Long Beach Recovery Act is focusing on boosting economic recovery, community health and safety and the future of the city’s recovery plan. 

With the additional funding, the economic recovery plan has added focus on providing relief directly to micro and public transit pilot programs, direct income pilot programs, economic empowerment zones and toward childcare and early childhood education. The economic recovery plan will also provide  including COVID-19 protection for businesses and nonprofits; direct funding relief for businesses critically-impacted by the pandemic; funding to address historic economic inequities exacerbated by the pandemic; and funding to keep commercial corridors clean and to reduce illegal dumping. 

The Long Beach Recovery Act is dedicating $72.8 million to approach the state of the city’s community’s members through programs to assist public health. The city is working toward providing free COVID-19 tests through mobile and designated testing sites; providing PPE equipment to non-profit organizations giving back to the community; residents food and housing insecurities; programs for mental and physical health equity; childhood development & education; rental assistance and more.

The plan will address the effects of COVID-19 and aim to renew any revenue losses and budget shortages through funding and balancing the city’s budget and obliterate City furloughs for the remainder of 2021. This plan is to help restore any of the City’s crucial services that have been disrupted during the pandemic. The funding should also balance the 2022 City budget to maintain City services for residents and businesses.

The plan is an action to tackle the city’s downfalls from the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Long Beach has faced many socio-economic challenges from the effects of the pandemic and the Safer at Home health orders. These shortfalls included many businesses closing and facing restrictions, mass unemployment and sudden disruption in crucial resources and services to provide basic aid and assistance for residents of Long Beach.

“The Long Beach Recovery Act is a bold and ambitious plan to jumpstart the local economy, protect the health and safety of our community, and secure the future of our city.” said Mayor Robert Garcia. 

To view the full detailed layout of the Long Beach Recovery Act please visit www.longbeach.gov/

Author: Dawn Perkins