Long Beach Rescue Mission Offers Life-Altering Programs

The Long Beach Rescue Mission continues to offer transforming programs to the most vulnerable members of the Long Beach community.

LONG BEACH – The Long Beach Rescue Mission, 1430 Pacific Ave., opened its doors in 1971 to assist the homeless and less fortunate people of the Long Beach Community. Since its inception, the Mission has provided food, clothing, shelter, and spiritual guidance to thousands of men, women, and children. Programs are designed to assist individuals with an array of issues such as homelessness, alcohol or drug abuse, domestic violence, and more. 

Upon arrival at the Mission, individuals are provided with essential needs. Once their immediate needs are met, guests are encouraged to take advantage of the 90-day Case Management Program. According to the Mission’s website, “This program is designed for individuals that have been disconnected from being able to sustain themselves independently in life.” The program focuses on three goals: obtaining work, school, and housing.

The New Life Program is also an option for those choosing to seek help at the Rescue Mission. This program aims to transform the whole person, and “offers education and spiritual guidance to overcome a person’s deeper challenges and addictions.” The year-long program is open to both men and women with the goal of helping them become productive members of the community. 

The Rescue Mission prides itself, not just on the transformation of an individual within the 365 days at the Mission, but rather the relationship and trust that is built between staff and residents during the journey. Many of the staff are former residents, and serve as a walking testimony of what is possible. 

Recent New Life Program graduate Lizabeth Cerda was recently featured in the Rescue Mission’s monthly newsletter. The article, written by Mission staff chronicled her escape from an abusive relationship with the help of the Mission, and how “thankful” she is for her new life. 

Here is a snippet of her story: 

Lizabeth was trapped in a toxic and abusive relationship with the father of her child. As a result of her poor choices and destructive habits, she’d burned bridges with close friends and family. So when the couple struggled to provide life essentials for themselves and their young daughter, she had no support or safety net. While walking her little girl home from school, she often stopped by our Long Beach Rescue Mission Thrift Store. As our staff learned of their painful situation, they told her about our Lydia House.

Through counseling, training and education, we’re helping Lizbeth overcome her challenges and become a stable mother for her daughter. Most importantly, she is building a relationship with the Lord, something she realizes had been missing in her life.

“I want to have a very normal life: to work, volunteer and provide for my child and do it with joy,” Lizabeth said. “I’m no longer living my life for myself, but for the Lord. I want to continue growing closer to Him.”

Once an individual has completed the New Life Program, they are entered into the Bridge Program which assists them in adjusting to their new life. Participants are offered weekly counseling as well as assistance securing employment or apprenticeships, continued education, and housing.

The vision for Long Beach Rescue Mission is to deepen and strengthen its programs, communicate its unique work, build a dynamic and committed team of employees and volunteers, broaden its financial support and plan carefully for its future in order to more faithfully and effectively carry out its mission.

For more information on the Rescue Mission, visit www.lbrm.org.

By Alysia Burke